Today I'll write in english, because I want it that way.
Actually I wanted write this a week later, but it doesn't mater really.
And I don't think that anyone really find this out, ofcourse if not interesting in what I write somewhere.

So! I just wanna say how much I love my relatives, friends and all.
And I never wanted make them sad anyhow, but sometimes my behavior wasn't god.
I want you to know that THIS, is my "coming out message" !
I hope you'll understand me guys, ofcourse if you read this.
Because this is what I am, what I always was. I'm gay.
But I never was in relationships, so I don't know how it is, or how it's looks like.
I'm not a freak and I'm not crazy. It takes long time to me to realise this.
It's not a style, cause I know it since my childhood.
I really hope you'll understand me...

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